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It is important that the public has an understanding of the problems and impacts associated with invasive species so they can be partners in solving the problems. More importantly, people need to know what they can do to help prevent the introduction and spread of ANS in U.S. waters. To successfully address ANS issues collaboration, cooperation and coordination are necessary at many levels among and between federal and state agencies, local governments, tribal entities, public and non-public sectors. Facilitating this collaboration and coordination is a primary goal of the Task Force. Task Force members, ex-officio members, Regional Panels, States, and other entities such as Sea Grant have conducted workshops, created traveling information displays, exhibits, pamphlets, information sheets, wallet identification cards, videos, websites and innumerable other public education venues for distribution across the country. In recent years many participating states have focused efforts on educating non-English speaking communities about ANS issues in general, and in respect to their culture.

National Campaigns

For more information on national campaigns associated with the ANS Task Force, please visit the National Campaigns section of our website.

National Campaigns Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Habitatitude 100th Meridian Initiative

Science Fair Information

pdf icon Guidance for Science and Engineering Fair Projects (332 KB)

Outreach Materials

Portland State University's Catalog of Aquatic Invasive Species Education & Outreach Materials
An online database of outreach materials, Including materials such as brochures, signs, handouts and other graphics.

Other Outreach Materials

PDF iconAsian Carp Brochures PDF iconStop the Spread
PDF iconAsian Carp Identification Key PDF iconWater Gardens & Introduced Species
PDF iconChinese Mitten Crab Watch Card PDF iconZap the Zebra Brochure 2005
PDF iconDidymo: A Nuisance and Invasice Alga PDF iconZap the Zebra Poster
PDF iconHelp Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Poster
PDF iconMost Unwanted: New Zealand Mudsnail

PDF iconNew Zealand Mudsnail Watch Card  
PDF iconRecognizing Northern Snakehead  

Invasive Species Watch Cards from Minnesota Sea Grant including...
image of a Round goby fish
  • Eurasian Ruffe
  • Eurasian Water Milfloil
  • European Frogbit
  • Pupple Loostrife
  • Round Goby
  • Rusty Crayfish
  • Waterflea
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Member Agencies
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