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Aquatic Nuisance Species Control

Information about a species and its interaction within its new ecosystem is essential to effective control and management. To effectively control invasions the ANS Task Force strives to ensure that monitoring programs and surveys in aquatic systems are coordinated and that they use common protocols and database standards.

Because rapid response to a new invasive species is a key element in eradication or control of the species, research has been conducted and management and/or management and control plans have been developed or are under development by the ANS Task Force or other partners for several species.

ANSTF Approved
Species Management/Control Pans

PDF Bighead, Black, Grass, and Silver Carps Management and Control Plan (3.7 MB)
ANSTF Asian Carp Working Group

PDF Brown Tree Snake Control Plan (186 KB)
ANSTF Brown Tree Snake Control Committee

PDF Caulerpa Control Plan (4.5 MB)
ANSTF Caulerpa Working Group

PDF European Green Crab Management Plan
(517 KB)
ANSTF Green Crab Control Committee  

PDF Mitten Crabs Management Plan (1.3 MB)
ANSTF Chinese Mitten Crab Working Group
  Implementation Table Updated 12/05 (19 KB)

PDF New Zealand Mudsnail Management & Control Plan (948 KB)
NZMS Management and Control Plan Working Group

PDF National Invasive Lionfish Prevention and Management Plan (2,871 KB)
Invasive Lionfish Control Ad-hoc Committee of the ANSTF

PDF Ruffe Control Program (751 KB)
ANSTF Ruffe Control Committee

PDF Snakehead Control and Management Plan
(6,323 KB)
Snakehead Plan Development Committee

PDFSnakehead Appendix D1 Rotenone Fish Toxicant Powder (74 KB)

PDFSnakehead Appendix D2 Rotenone MSDSPrentox Rotenone Powde r(31 KB)

Other Species Management/Control Pans

PDFGiant Salvinia Control Plan, Draft 2002 (260 KB)
Lower Colorado River Giant Salvinia Task Force

PDF Purple Loosestrife Management Plan (486 KB)
The Regional Lythrum salicaria Working Group

PDF Quagga/Zebra Mussel Control Strategies Workshop April 2008 (1.0 MB)

PDF Water Chestnut Management Plan (471 KB)
Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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