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Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge

Kanuti NWR Stream Discharge Data
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) hydrologists began an assessment of selected streams of the Kanuti NWR in October 2008. This hydrologic investigation focuses on 8 streams where water resources will be quantified by stream gaging over a six year period. Earlier gaging stations on the South Fork of the Koyokuk and Kanuti Rivers were operated by the BLM from 1998 to 2008. The river gage map shows the distribution of FWS streamflow gage sites on the Refuge. Detailed location information and photos of water bodies near each gage site can be reviewed by clicking on the highlighted river in the table below.

Kanuti NWR 2009 - Present
Fish Creek Koyokuk River near Bettles
Henshaw Creek South Fork Koyokuk River
Holonada Creek Kanuti River Tributary (Tokusatatquaten Lake Outlet)
Kanuti River  
Kanuti Kilolitna River   

Kanuti NWR Water Quality Data
A water quality study will occur in conjunction with operation of stream gages during the 2011-2014 water years. Physical and chemical characteristics will be assessed in Refuge water bodies to establish baseline data sets. Emphasis is placed on ultra-clean sampling methods. Field measurements are recorded and samples are collected and analyzed several times each year. Uninterpreted data may be made available to the public before publication. Water quality data will be published after the conclusion of the hydrologic investigation.


Last updated: February 9, 2011

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