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Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program LogoThrough the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service administers nine grant programs to the State of Alaska and Tribes to manage fish, wildlife and habitats, and provide recreational opportunities for fishing, hunting, shooting and boating in Alaska.

Hunters, recreational shooters, boaters and anglers willingly contribute over one billion dollars annually to conserve our renewable fish and wildlife resources and provide recreational opportunities. This year, $50 million of generated funds will be apportioned to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program, the nation’s oldest and most successful fish and wildlife restoration program.  The program is funded by excise taxes collected from the sales of hunting and fishing gear, guns, ammunition and boat fuel. This user-pay, public-benefit program provides funding to states for fish and wildlife conservation, public access to fishing and hunting areas and shooting ranges, boating access, hunter education programs and vital fish and wildlife surveys and research. Annually, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game implements over 200 research and management projects, 30 boating and fishing access projects, and 12 aquatic education and hunter education programs.


Fishing, hunting, boating and shooting are important outdoor traditions in Alaska. Through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration and the great work of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to manage fish and wildlife populations, purchase hunting areas, create boating and fishing access, and conduct vital surveys and research, we will continue to enjoy quality hunting, fishing, shooting and boating in Alaska, now and into the future.

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