U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

What We Do


Fisheries & Ecological Services homepage collage.  Photo Credits:  USFWS

Intact ecosystems and robust fish and wildlife populations are the lifeblood of Alaska, providing Alaskans and visitors alike with countless “ecological services” including multi-billion dollar fisheries, sought after wildlife viewing opportunities, sustainable local food systems, cultural resources, and ecotourism opportunities that are paralleled by none.

The Fisheries and Ecological Services division consists of a diverse group of cross-cutting programs that have varied responsibilities to understand and address complex issues such as fisheries management, endangered species, environmental contaminants, habitat protection and restoration, and marine mammal conservation and recovery. We deliver these programs and associated products through Fish and Wildlife Field Offices located across the state of Alaska, as well as through numerous partnerships with state agencies, universities, tribes, non-profits, private land owners and other stakeholders.