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How we live and work in Alaska 

In Alaska, we are shared stewards of world renowned natural resources and our nation's last true wild places.  The lands and waters of this place we call home nourish a vast and unique array of fish, wildlife and people.  We cultivate awareness and respect for all things, from Alaska's smallest plants and most iconic animals to its diverse communities and cultures. Our hope is that each generation has the opportunity to live with, live from, discover and enjoy the wildness of this awe-inspiring land and the people who love and depend on it.

Live with 

We live with and are lifelong neighbors with diverse partners, communities, and Alaska Native peoples who collaborate with us to manage lands and wildlife. We help people and wildlife coexist. We ensure that where development occurs it is done in a way that minimizes the impacts on fish and wildlife and their habitats. And, we do this proactively, in partnership with others.

Live from 

We are lifelong neighbors with diverse communities, partners, and Alaska Native peoples who live from the wildness of Alaska’s lands and waters. We work together to manage and conserve fish, wildlife, and their habitats to ensure the harvest of healthy wild foods and the continuation of traditions associated with the Alaska way of life.


We build understanding about the fish and wildlife supported by the lands and waters of Alaska through scientific discovery and by honoring tribal and traditional ecological knowledge. We share knowledge with and learn from others, and promote conservation education so that people can discover for themselves what makes Alaska the “Great Land.”


We help people from Alaska, the United States, and the world access, experience, and enjoy the natural wonders of the land, waters, fish, and wildlife that make this state so wild. Similarly, we seek to create a welcoming and enjoyable work environment that fosters a sense of pride in our unique and important role in conservation.