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Avian Health and Disease

To Report Sick or Dead Wild Birds:

 Alaska Sick or Dead Bird Hotline:  1-866-527-3358

Birds die for many reasons, including trauma and disease.  If you encounter dead or sick wild birds, and no obvious cause is apparent, such as hitting a power line or building, please call 1-866-527-3358 (1-866-5BRDFLU).  Before calling, please note the location (GPS coordinates are best), species of bird and the date and time found.  For your safety, do not handle any sick or dead birds.

Alaska Region Avian Emergency Response Plan

Avian Mortality Response Plan USFWS Alaska (Sept 2015) 
Response Plan Contacts

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Dead Common Murres

About Avian Cholera

  • Avian Cholera (chapter 7)
  • http://www.nwhc.usgs.gov/publications/fact_sheets/pdfs/cholera091102.PDF
  • http://www.nwhc.usgs.gov/disease_information/avian_cholera

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