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Juneau Satellite Office



Our office works with partners to protect, restore and manage the natural resources of Southeast Alaska. We inventory and clean up environmental contaminants, and work with others to minimize the effects of development on wildlife and habitat. We monitor and assess select fish and bird populations throughout Southeast Alaska.

Conservation Planning

The Conservation Planning Assistance Branch works with other federal agencies, project developers, and permitting authorities to develop project proposals that minimize impacts to fish and wildlife. Primary program areas include:

  • Army Corps of Engineers permitting – Projects that require fill in streams, tidelands, wetlands, or other waters of the United States require authorization from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our biologists work with permit applicants and the Corps to ensure that projects are designed to avoid the most sensitive habitat.
  • Federal Project Reviews – Federal agencies provide funding for roads, and offer timber and other resources from public lands in Southeast Alaska. We review project locations, designs, and construction methods, and offer recommendations on ways to achieve project purposes while minimizing harm to fish and wildlife.
  • Hydropower Development – Many communities in Southeast Alaska are currently working to develop small hydropower facilities for electrical generation. We work with project applicants and other agencies to ensure that fish populations are protected.

Habitat Restoration

We extend the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, Fish Passage Program, and Southeast Alaska Coastal Program to Southeast Alaska partners. We work with a broad suite of partners to accomplish our mission by providing financial support and technical assistance through our programs and by collaborating with other agencies.

Raptor Management

Juneau is home to Migratory Bird Management’s Alaska-wide Raptor Management Program.Staff address raptor issues statewide. Thirty species of raptors occur in Alaska; twenty-one of these breed in the state. The raptor program conducts surveys, assessments, studies and provides technical assistance to managers of priority species such as the Arctic peregrine falcon, the Queen Charlotte goshawk, bald and golden eagles, gyrfalcons, and a variety of owls.

Juneau Satellite Office


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