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Alaska’s native, wild fish epitomize all that is Alaskan--tough, resilient, and beautiful. From the ways of living and wildlife they nourish to the economies that depend on them, fish are inseparable from the Alaskan experience. Fish dominate Alaska’s subsistence harvest by weight: of the nearly 40 million pounds of wild foods harvested annually, over half is fish with 32% salmon and 21% other species like whitefish and char (Fall 2016). With much of the world's last remaining wild, self-sustaining populations of salmonids residing here, Alaska also supports world class sport and commercial fisheries that generate billions of dollars annually in Alaska and beyond.

Here are some of the fishes we’re working to conserve or that you’ll find on our National Wildlife Refuges and other public and private lands in Alaska that our services touch

Salmon, Photo credit: Katrina Liebich/USFWS


Whitefish/sheefish. Photo credit: Dan Prince/USFWS


Trouts/Chars/Dolly Varden. Photo Credit: Ryan Haggerty/USFWS

Trout & Char

Arctic Grayling. Photo Credit: Ryan Haggerty/USFWS

Arctic Grayling

Smelts/Eulachon Photo Credit: Katrina Liebich/USFWS


Northern Pike. Photo credit: Ryan Haggerty/USFWS

Northern Pike

Lamprey. Photo credit: Katrina Liebich/USFWS


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