U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Educators, Parents & Youth

A classroom of children learning salmon species
When school is out for summer, the learning continues at the Kodiak Refuge Salmon Camp at the Buskin River! Credit: Lisa Hupp/USFWS

Educator Resources

In addition to many of the educational opportunities here are at wildlife refuges, the US Fish & Wildlife Service offers several resources for educators to utilize in their own classes. These include curricula materials, trail camera kits and schoolyard habitats. 

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Youth Activities

Various contest and other activities are available for youth of all ages to participate in.

Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar Contest

Every year FWS Alaska hosts a contest to challenge the creative spirit of youth all across the state in an effort to engage and educate them about migratory birds.

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Junior Duck Stamp

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is a dynamic art- and science-based curriculum that teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. The program encourages students to explore their natural world, invites them to investigate biology and wildlife management principles and challenges them to express and share what they have learned with others.

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Get Outdoors

Why you and your children need to get outdoors!

Children, youth, and families are increasingly disconnected from the natural world.  Urban, suburban, and rural youth in many nations are being effected and this trend has serious implications worldwide for the conservation field, sustainability, the future of natural resources, and the health of the earth itself. 
There are good reasons to share outdoor family experiences;

  1. Build family bonds,
  2. Stay more active and healthier,
  3. Learn about the natural world together,
  4. It’s free, and
  5. It’s fun!
    Happy paddlers in a canoe
    Happy paddlers in a canoe. Photo Credit: USFWS

    Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

    • Seabird Youth Network Camp
    • Camp Qungaayux
    • Sand Point Science and Culture Camp

    Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    • Kaktovik Oceanography Program
    • Camp Goonzhill

    Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

    • Critter Camp
    • Get Out & Get Dirty Camp
    • AG Youth Camp

    Kodiak  National Wildlife Refuge

    • Kodiak Refuge Summer Science
    • Science and Salmon Camp

    Koyukuk/Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge

    • Galena Science Camp

    Selawik National Wildlife Refuge

    • Selawik Science-Culture Camp

    Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

    • Cape Peirce Marine Science
    • Yup'ik Culture Camp
    • Salmon Camp (Aquatic Science Academy)

    Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge

    • Yukon Delta - STEM Career Exploration Program

    Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge

    • CATG Cultural Camp