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Our Core: Shared Purpose and Values

The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is our guiding center. It is unchanging and communicates what we do; however, sometimes it’s more revealing to ask people who are passionate about what they do, why they do it. So that’s what we did. After asking close to three hundred employees across the Alaska region to help us understand their unique perspective who we are and why we matter, a collectively held statement of shared purpose was developed.

Wildness for All Life

At the US Fish & Wildlife Service Alaska we are shared stewards of our nation’s last true wild places and world renowned natural resources. The lands and waters of this place we call home nourish a vast and unique array of fish, wildlife and people. We cultivate a reverent awareness and respect for all things, from Alaska’s smallest plants and most iconic animals to its diverse communities and cultures. Today and for generations to come, we live with, live from, enjoy and learn from the wildness of this awe-inspiring land and the people who love it.
Greg Siekaniec, Regional Director


It takes a sizable team to do what we do. Meet Regional Director Greg Siekaniec and the rest of the Leadership who make sure it all runs smoothly.

Four themes are central to this shared purpose. They are the heart of our story, and make our work relatable and easier to understand.


We live with and are lifelong neighbors with diverse partners, communities, and Alaska Native peoples who collaborate with us to manage lands and wildlife. We help people and wildlife coexist. We ensure that where development occurs it is done in a way that minimizes the impacts on fish and wildlife and their habitats. And, we do this proactively, in partnership with others.

Live With
live from

You can go down to the local health food store and find your super foods, but in Alaska, getting sustenance from healthy wild foods is a way of life. We collaborate with communities to ensure harvests and long-term conservation. We are committed to working in ways which ensure that important personal and social traditions continue into the future; associated with the harvest, the care and preparation of food, and the sharing of meals and stories.

Through understanding our natural world we build an understanding about the fish and wildlife supported by the lands and waters of Alaska. We share knowledge, learn from communities and promote conservation education. Through partnerships we continuously discover ways to conserve Alaska’s fish and wildlife for the public good and for future generations.


We help people from across Alaska, this country and the world, access, experience, protect and enjoy the natural wonder of the land, fish and wildlife that makes our state so wild.


VALUES are more than slogans or feel good statements; at their best, they are a set of expectations we share for how we behave toward one another, our partners, the public, and the resources we are charged with caring for. Values are honest statements of what is essential to our success and well-being. We live our values.

values: wildness


All species matter. Self-sustaining native fish and wildlife is our goal. We care for the mosaic of interconnected fish and wildlife habitat while protecting intact ecosystems.


values: balance


Balance is important, whether it’s between the needs of humans and wildlife, or maintaining healthy Work/life balance for ourselves. We take our work seriously, but love to laugh at ourselves, too.

values: integrity


We strive to work at the highest levels of quality, manage resources wisely, and perform sound science. We’re always looking for innovative solutions and better ways to communicate with open, honest and ethical transparency.

values: future generations

Future Generations

Preservation and conservation is not just about us, but those that follow after. We look at the big picture and make decisions for the long-term. Creating opportunities for future generations is always important.

values: gaining and sharing knowledge

Gaining & Sharing Knowledge

We connect people with nature, encouraging and strengthening their relationship with the land and fish and wildlife. We live, learn and work in local communities every day. We exchange ideas, encourage and embrace different perspectives and ways of knowing the world, learning from diverse cultural traditions and respecting subsistence traditions.

values: diversity


We foster a culture that supports diversity and inclusion, respecting and supporting each individual so that they can reach their full potential. Understanding that different experiences, perspectives, and approaches adds value is critical for us. We recognize that differences in human and natural communities generate richness and improve adaptability. Work to improve our own understanding and stewardship of the variety of living organisms, the differences among them, and communities and ecosystems in which they occur.

values: depending on each other

Depending on Each Other

Conservation depends on the collective actions of many. This means all employees and partners must come together to find and follow the best path forward. It’s critical to leverage the resources and talents of many, and we collaborate with others to build support and capacity, and to make a difference for conservation. Our team structure is important, but so is working together as a whole.