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Trail Camera Kit

The Critter Cam Kit is a portable kit containing motion-activated trail cameras, an activity guide, and all necessary accessories to help students explor wildlife near their school or other outdoor site. The kit is available to all schools throughout Alaska, and is easily shipped through the mail.

To use the kit, simply mount and lock cameras to trees or other secure structures where animal activity is expected. The cameras take a series of photographs when motion is detected (infrared flash allows for nighttime photography as well). Photographs are saved to the memory card and photos can be uploaded from the memory card to a computer and viewed!

Field and classroom activities allow students to:

  • explore habitats and learn to recognize signs of animal activity
  • photograph animals that live near their school
  • share their photos using various media
  • build data tables and graphs from their own data
  • investigate animal ecology and earth science
  • use high-technology applications employed by wildlife professionals

River otters photographed near DZ Middle School, Juneau

River otters photographed near DZ Middle School, Juneau

Last updated: October 2, 2012