Fire Management
Alaska Region

Fire is a natural part of boreal forest and tundra ecosystems. Through research and monitoring we seek to improve our understanding of fire and its role on Fish and Wildlife Service lands in Alaska and to make informed, science-based decisions about the management of fire.

Fire plays a role in shaping the mosaic of vegetation patterns on Alaska national wildlife refuges and, hence, the wildlife that inhabits our refuges. Fish and Wildlife Service fire science projects in Alaska have focused on such topics as the long-term recovery of vegetation after a fire, the response of wildlife to post-fire environments, patterns of burning on the landscape, and modeling how the occurrence of fire may change in the future.

We work collaboratively with the State of Alaska and other agencies and organizations to learn more about fire and its effects. To learn more about this interagency work, visit the Alaska Fire Science Consortium website.

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Last Updated: October 22, 2014