Togiak National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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For Educators

Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar Contest:

classroom presentation.  USFWS.Each winter, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge staff visit area schools and present information to students on migratoyr birds, their population status, and the importance of conservation efforts. Students are encouraged to submit entries for the calendar contest, in the form of literature and artwork. Each year's calendar has a different theme and original writing and artwork for each month. Entries are submitted to the Togiak Refuge office, then judged to select our local winners. These winning entries are announced in local schools, with the students receiving prizes and ribbons.

The migratory bird calendar is produced through a state-wide effort. Programs similar to the one at Togiak Refuge take place at Alaska Peninsula/Becharof National Wildlife Refuges, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (Aleutian Islands Unit), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Innoko National Wildlife Refuge, Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, Koyukuk/Nowitna National Wildlife Refuges, Selawik National Wildlife Refuge, and Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Some of the migratory bird species the calendar is based on are found on each of these refuges. Local winning entries are selected in each area, then sent to Anchorage for statewide judging. Artwork included in the state-wide migratory brid calendar is selected by a committee in Anchorage.

For more information on the calendar contest, lists of local and statewide winners, and entry forms and instructions, visit the regional Alaska migratory bird calendar webpage.

Last updated: October 14, 2008