Togiak National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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For Educators

Education Programs:

  • Environmental Education Camps

    Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, along with its cooperators, has sponsored several different environmental education camps for local students in the summers. These camps are based in remote locations, and are targeted toward high school or middle school-aged students. At most camps, elders from local villages are invited to attend and share their knowledge with students. Some of the goals of these camps are to increase students' basic biological knowledge, to expose students to the work of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and other land management agencies, to compare and contrast western science to traditional Yup'ik Eskimo knowledge, and to help students develop a sense of stewardship of the environment.

    • Cape Peirce Marine Science and Yup'ik Culture Camp
      This camp focuses on seabirds, marine mammals, and marine ecology. Students hike along scenic cliffs to view the animals in their natural environments.from the villages of Togiak and Goodnews Bay hike along scenic cliffs to view the animals in their natural environments.


    • Bristol Bay Salmon Camp
      Students from around Bristol Bay travel to Lake Aleknagik to study salmon biology, aquatic ecology, fisheries management, and the role of salmon in the ecosystem. Students experience hands-on field work under the guidance of experts, such as sampling scales from adult salmon in a live box, and participate in discussions with salmon research scientists, commercial fishery managers, and others.
    • Summer Outdoor Skills and River Ecology Float Camp
      This camp brings participants together for a wilderness float trip on Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Students learn outdoor skills, become informed about wildlife management practices, and come to understand what brings visitors from around the world to their backyard.

  • Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar Contest

    Each year the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service produces a calendar with a message of migratory bird conservation. The student artwork and writing that fills the calendar is selected through an Alaskan statewide contest. The purpose of the contest is to encourage local children to learn about migratory birds found near their homes. Several species of migratory birds in Alaska need special attention, including the emperor goose, spectacled eider, and Steller's eider.

Educational Resources:

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge works with local educators by providing information, curricula, materials, and personnel. Information may be used in a variety of ways; for example, caribou population information has been used in local math lessons to practice graphing skills. Educators should contact us for information or to discuss ideas.

The refuge maintains a library of educational activities, curricula packages, videos, and educational books which we are happy to share with teachers. Examples include Project Wild, Teach About Geese, bird identification books and binoculars, and coloring pages for geese and seabirds. In addition we have scientific tools, field kits, and animal specimens which may be useful for hands-on activities. Contact us to learn more about these resources.

The refuge has staff members available to visit classrooms to make presentations, or to lead groups on field trips. . We are willing to work with educators in a variety of ways. Contact the refuge education specialist (907-842-1063) to discuss your specifice needs.

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Last updated: April 21, 2010