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Public Easements at Elusive Lake
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

This map shows the ANCSA 17b public easements at Elusive Lake, within Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For easement questions, please contact the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Division of Realty and Natural Resources, at (907) 786-3414.

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What are the allowed uses of ANCSA 17(b) Easements?

Available Maps and Data
High-resolution map with easement descriptions (11" x 17" PDF, 7.5 MB)
Google Earth file
ESRI Shapefiles
          Elusive Lake 17b Trail Easements (view the metadata)
          Elusive Lake 17b Site Easements (view the metadata)

GPS Waypoint Files Photos
1a C6 Photo #1, Photo #2
2a C6 Photo #1, Photo #2
4 C6 D1 Photo #1, Photo #2
5 C6 D1 Photo #1


For additional information regarding private land in the Elusive Lake area, contact the following land owner:

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Land Department
3900 C Street, Suite 801
Anchorage, AK  99503-5963

Phone: (907) 339-6000

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