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Every successful organization has a framework of policies, which provide for the effective accomplishment of its work, and a process for making good management decisions that reflect organizational history and mission. Over time, policies must evolve to address new and changing uses, issues, and opportunities. The Division of Conservation Planning and Policy assists the public and refuge managers in interpreting and, if needed, developing policies necessary for the effective administration of the National Wildlife Refuge System in Alaska.

The following link provides interested citizens with access to the policies that guide refuge management:  National Policies

Regional Policies
As many regional policies were developed prior to the Internet, this section is not yet complete. As new policies are issued or old policies are made available in digital format they will be added to this site. For additional information, contact the Division of Conservation Planning and Policy at 907-786-3354.

Policy on Commemorative Memorials on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska (pdf)

Compatibility Determinations
Determining compatibility is a key process by which refuge managers decide what uses will be permitted on national wildlife refuges. An essential element in the process is providing the public an opportunity to provide input for the refuge manager to consider as he or she determines if a use is compatible with the purposes for which the refuge was established.

To learn more about the process of determining compatibility of uses and how you can be involved in this process, visit Compatibility Determinations.

Last updated: June 14, 2012

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