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National Wildlife Refuge biologists design and implement inventory, monitoring, and management studies to conserve, protect, and enhance  fish, plant, wildlife and habitat resources. The Natural Resources Division provides a wide range of scientific and technical support to refuges from recommending a project-specific sampling design to conducting formal inter-agency biological program reviews. We review scientific proposals, field reports, and papers to be submitted for publication; identify, sponsor or conduct continuing education opportunities for biologists via training sessions, seminars or workshops; encourage research on refuges by maintain liaisons with academic and research institutions and universities; and represent refuges on regional and national policies.

We provide specialized technical assistance and conduct field studies of the flora and vegetation and their environments on refuge lands across the state, working in conjunction with international experts to improve the understanding and management of Arctic to Temperate ecosystems. This information aids in developing wildlife, ecosystem, and fire management plans and facilitates global studies of ecological processes and change in northern landscapes.

We also provide biometric support for the Alaska refuges via a statistical review of studies and protocols; assistance with survey sampling design; and recommendations of appropriate methods to collect, analyze, synthesize, display and interpret scientific data. The correct application of statistical methods allows refuges to better assess populations, habitat requirements, movements and migration, and behavior of trust resources.

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Re-sighting banded Red-legger Kittiwakes (Rissa brevirostris) for population monitoring. St. George Island. Heather Renner/USFWS. Click to enlarge.