Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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For Educators

Science Camps
Kids at camp.  USFWS.From rubber-boot slogs through the wetlands to bird-feeder building and root-beer floats, Galena Science Camp has it all. Each summer, Galena's elementary school-age students spend a week learning about their incredible natural surroundings. The day-camp is a cooperative effort between Koyukuk/Nowitna, Galena City Schools and Louden Tribal Council. The program began in 2000, and lasts for two weeks each summer (one week for younger students, and one week for older). Activities are focused on "hands-on" learning and include daily field trips, songs, stories, crafts, and more.

Staff from the refuge complex also participate in regional science camps including EarthQuest Science Camp and Culture camps developed by local villages.


Last updated: July 22, 2008