Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
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Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge was established to conserve marine mammals, seabirds and other migratory birds, and the marine resources upon which they rely. The Refuge's 3.4 million acres include the spectacular volcanic islands of the Aleutian chain, the seabird cliffs of the remote Pribilofs, and icebound lands washed by the Chukchi Sea, providing essential habitat for some 40 million seabirds, representing more than 30 species.

parakeet auklets.Heather Renner/USFWS

Steve Delehanty, Refuge Manager
95 Sterling Highway, Suite 1 MS 505
Homer, Alaska 99603
Phone: (907)235-6546
FAX: (907)235-7783
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Celebrate Wilderness! Alaska refuges contain more than 18 million acres of wilderness and the year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the law that protected these spectacular areas-the 1964 Wilderness Act. Check out Alaska Wilderness celebration events at

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