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Projects and related reports

The Waterfowl Management Branch conducts many projects each year to keep track of waterfowl in Alaska. Many of our projects are listed below with links to related reports.  We use innovative aerial survey techniques and geographic information system analysis for many of our projects.  Some of our techniques are reported in papers published by The Wildlife Society (Locating waterfowl observations on aerial surveys, GIS for mapping waterfowl density and distribution from aerial surveys).

Aerial Survey Observer Manual (pdf - 11.8mb)

Geographic Groups

All over Alaska

Beaufort Sea/Chukchi Sea

Bering Sea

Cook Inlet

Copper River Delta/Chugach National Forest

Interior Alaska


Northern Alaska/Northern Canada

Northwest Alaska

Southeast Alaska/British Columbia

Southwestern Alaska/Alaska Peninsula/Kodiak Island

Yukon Flats

Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta



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