Migratory Bird Management
Alaska Region




North Pacific Seabird Colony Database is a computerized, GIS-based database. It contains the locations and names of all Alaska's seabird breeding colonies, the species of birds that nest in each colony, and the numbers of each species. Contact Dave Irons if you'd like to request data from the Seabird Colony Database.


Murre colony. USFWS. Click to EnlargeWe count birds in some colonies (or in parts of the colonies) each summer. This tells us whether the birds' populations are healthy. If a population is getting smaller, we study it and try to learn what the problem is.

In the area that was affected by the Exxon Valdez oil spill, we study seabirds to learn whether they are recovering from the oil. We count the birds in winter and summer. We study how many eggs the birds lay and how many young birds they raise each summer. We also study how they find their food at sea.

We work with people who will be on fishing boats to learn how many birds are caught in fishing gear. This tells us whether too many birds are caught each year.


We work with Alaska Native communities to learn how they use seabirds in their traditional diets and cultures.

We have produced materials for school children, including a poster, "Help Protect Alaska's Seabirds" (527kb, pdf).


Last Updated: September 22, 2008