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Image of North Pacific Seabird Colonies

Forty-six species totaling approximately 80 million individual seabirds breed in Alaska and the Russian Far East. During the summer, seabirds gather in groups to breed and nest. A group of nesting birds is referred to as a colony. These colonies are distributed on all parts of the Alaskan and Russian Far East coasts (see map above). Seabird colonies have been censused for many years and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has compiled much of the census data in the North Pacific Seabird Colony Database. The database stores data on the location, breeding population size, and species composition of seabird colonies in the North Pacific. Documented colonies total 1,801 in Alaska and 484 in Far East Russia, each with a few pair to 5.75 million birds.

Click on "Interactive Map" to create a map that indicates size and location of seabird colonies of selected species. In addition, download a file or print data of selected colonies. The "Database" page includes a database code and explanation guide that explains all data variables. The "Seabird Species" page lists species that nest in Alaska including photographs. View amazing videos of auklet colonies on Saint Lawrence Island on the "Video" page. The "Report" page lists informative reports completed by biologists on scientific studies of seabirds. Other seabird information links can be found on "Related Sites". Lastly, click on "Contact" for database manager contact information and address.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information on seabird colonies, please contact the North Pacific Seabird Colony Database manager.

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Last Updated: February 24, 2012