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Image of Alaska Bald Eagle nest locations

Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nest surveys have been conducted in Alaska since the 1960's to locate nest sites so land managers can protect them in compliance with with the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (16 USC 668a - 668d). The Act prohibits the take of bald eagles, their nests and eggs either directly such as by shooting or indirectly such as by disturbance of nesting eagles without a permit. Most nests have been located in southeastern Alaska, but extensive surveys have also been conducted on Kodiak Island, the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Peninsula, Prince William Sound and several mainland rivers.

For many years, survey results were kept on maps and data cards in various offices scattered across Alaska. It was difficult for managers to locate survey information or know what had been surveyed. With the recent rapid advances in Geographic Information System (GIS) software and the Internet, it is now possible to make this information readily available to many more users. This website is an attempt to provide a complete record of survey information for bald eagle nests in Alaska and provide useful contacts and other information to assist in the conservation of our national emblem, the bald eagle.

Consult the "National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines" (pdf) if you have questions about the bald eagle management in Alaska or the lower 48 states.

The Alaska Bald Eagle Nest Atlas (ABENA) is currently being redesigned to make the data more accessible.  Please contact Steve Lewis with questions about ABENA or for information on nest locations.

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