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2017 The Great Alaska Sportsman Show

USFWS staff at the WSFR booth. Left to right: Greg Siekaniec, Steve Klein, Doug McBride, Jarred Stone. Photo credit: USFWS.   Steve Klein and Karen Clark at the WSFR booth. Photo credit: USFWS.


People attending Alaska’s premier outdoor sports show learned how their equipment purchases contribute to fish and wildlife management. The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program’s booth allowed FWS staff, including the Region’s Director and Deputy Director, to inform the public of our relationship to hunting, fishing and boating opportunities in Alaska. A free make-and-take offered at the booth each year is a crowd favorite. Visitors choose a picture of their favorite Alaskan animal and write their contact information on the opposite side. The card is laminated on-site and provided as a luggage tag.  Another conversation piece is a “user pays-user benefits” game asking participants if they had purchased any gear pictured on the clipboard. Most chuckled and said, “It would be much easier to circle the things I don’t have on this list.” At which point, we had the pleasure of thanking that person for supporting our work.


Last updated: May 2017

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