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Homer Harbor Boat Launch Renovation (2016)

Small Boat Harbor Launch Ramp. Photo Courtesty of Paul Cyr with ADF&G

Renovation of the Homer Harbor boat launch was completed in 2016. The project improved public access to the marine waters in the Homer area for recreational boating, sport fishing and other recreational activities.  The old concrete-plank boat ramps and boarding floats were replaced with five new concrete-plank ramp lanes and two new boarding floats.  Poly-tub floats will withstand heavy icing that this harbor can receive. Additionally, LED lighting was installed in the upland staging area at the top of the ramps along with a new fee booth and card reader for launch fee collection.  The project improvements provide for increased accessibility, safety and efficiency at this high-use site.

Old planks and floats exceeded their useful life many years ago and were a safety hazard and causing damage to boat trailers and wheels. Public input before and after indicated the ramps were much easier, safer and quicker to use with no damage to boat trailers/tires, etc.

This effort was cooperatively funded by Federal, State and Local partners; Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program - $2,254,539; Alaska Department of Fish and Game - $751,513; City of Homer - $800,000; approximate total $3,806,052.



Last updated: May 2017

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