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Animal/Animal Part
Brown Bear,
Lynx, Bobcat,
River Otter
Importing/exporting these species may require a CITES permit. Please contact the USFWS Import/Export Office (tele: 907-271-6198) about obtaining the permit.
Bird (Live) Traveling with your pet bird may require a permit. See "Traveling Abroad with Your Pet Bird" for more information.
Black Bear Exporting a taxidermy sport-taken black bear (rug, fur mount, etc.) through Canada requires a CITES Appendix II permit. A fresh, frozen or salted sport-taken black bear is exempt from CITES permit/certificate requirements. Please contact the USFWS Import/Export Office (tele: 907-271-6198) about obtaining the permit.
Walrus (ivory),
Sea Otter,
Polar Bear (Alaska Native Handicrafts)

Importing/Exporting Alaskan Native handicrafts with marine mammal parts may require a CITES permit.
Please contact:

Division of Management Authority U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 700
Arlington, Virginia 22203
1-800-358-2104 or 703-358-2104.
Whale (baleen) This is under the jurisdiction of the National Marine Fisheries Service. See the National Marine Fisheries Service website for further information and requirements.
(feathers, parts)

Transporting eagle feathers/parts is prohibited unless you are a qualified Native American with a permit. for more information, visit the Law Enforcement website or contact our Migratory Bird Permit Office at 907-786-3693.

Instructions and application information for eagle permits associated with development or other activity

All legally-hunted species
(wildlife skins/animal trophies)
Importing/exporting these items requires a USFWS Form 3-177
Sea Otter, Walrus, Polar Bear To become or renew as a Registered Agent/Tannery (pdf), you must apply.


Last updated: May 9, 2014

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