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Peer Review of Scientific Information

This checklist describes information that will be posted on the Web when we conduct a peer review, following guidelines detailed in the OMB Peer Review Bulletin (pdf).

About the document

    • title
    • short description of the document
    • estimated dissemination date of the final version of the document

About the peer review process

    • kind of peer review that will be conducted
      • panel,
      • individual letters,
      • National Academy of Sciences review, or
      • other procedure approved by OMB
    • anticipated number of reviewers
    • reviewer selection method
      • reviewers selected by the Service or
      • reviewers selected by a designated outside organization
    • primary disciplines or expertise needed in the review (describe).
    • estimated start date of peer review

About public participation

    • opportunities for the public to comment on the work product to be peer reviewed (Indicate whether such public comments will be sought and describe how comments are to be submitted.)
    • Indicate whether the public, including scientific or professional organizations, will be asked to nominate potential peer reviewers.


    • contact information for one or more staff regarding this peer review.

Last Reviewed: January 23, 2014


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