Genetic Monitoring for Managers



Montana Conservation Genetics Laboratory: Directed by Dr. Fred Allendorf at the University of Montana, co-leader of the GeM Working Group.

U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Wildlife Genetics Laboratory focuses on conducting research that is highly integrated with USFS management needs across the country. The Wildlife Genetics Laboratory works with States, Tribes, Universities and private groups answering state-of-the-art questions in wildlife genetics, and providing answers to pressing wildlife management needs.

The Northern Divide Bear Project: A U.S. Geological Survey project that employed two concurrent NGS, methods to estimate abundance, distribution, and genetic structure of the grizzly and black bear populations associated with the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem in northwestern Montana. This and several related bear research projects are headed by Kate Kendall and Jeff Stetz, members of the GeM Working Group.

Cetacean Conservation and Genetic Laboratory (CCGL) is committed to a greater understanding of the molecular ecology and systematics of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world. Their work on large whales is pursuing three inter-related themes: reconstructing the past, assessing the present,and conserving the future. The CCGL is headed by Dr. Scott Baker, member of the GeM Working Group.