Genetic Monitoring for Managers


DNA Collection and Archiving

Preserving samples, both short and long term, is a critical component to genetic monitoring studies for multiple reasons. In the short term, low quality DNA, such as is often the case with noninvasive studies, can rapidly degrade to the point of losing the ability to obtain reliable genotypes. This is especially true in warm, wet environments and for especially low quality/quantity sample types such as some species' scat (e.g., river otters). Long term storage and preservation should also be included when developing a study plan and budget. Newer genetic methods (e.g., SNPs) may be used in the future to answer different questions, or your samples may be needed for a meta-analysis that requires analyzing different markers. Plan for the unknown. For more information, follow the links below.

* Types of samples
* Proper techniques for collection
* Preservation
* Archiving
* Metadata