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Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program at Work in Alaska

The Alaska Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is a voluntary, “direct conservation assistance” program for private landowners: the Service pays up to 50% of project costs and local Service biologists provide assistance ranging from informal advice on the design and location of potential projects to on-the-ground project implementation.

The PWF Program funds a variety of different projects each year. Some of these include the creation of rain gardens in urban areas, restoration of natural streambank habitats on waterfront properties, and creation of habitat for native fish and wildlife on or near school properties.

Photo of Tyler before.  Photo Credit:  USFWS
Some streambank projects include using natural bioengineering techniques
that provide habitat for juvenile fish (right)

Who Can Apply: 

Private landowners, including Alaska native organizations, residents, schools, boroughs and municipalities, and non-profit organizations.


Regional goal of 50% cash and/or in-kind is desired. Can match with other (not USFWS funds) federal funds

Application Period:  


Alaska Partners for Fish and Wildlife factsheet!

Alaska Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program 2012-2016 Strategic Plan

To discuss potential projects in your area of the state, open our “Contact Us” menu to the left and contact Neil Stichert (Juneau), Kyle Graham (Kenai), Mitch Osborne (Fairbanks) or Elizabeth Benolkin (Anchorage).

For general inquiries, contact Mike Daigneault, Regional Coordinator for Habitat Conservation Partnership Programs: Mike Daigneault (, (907) 786-3523)

Beyond Alaska: visit the Service's national Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program webpage

Last updated: October 2016