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Habitat Conservation Partnerships investing in partnerships, ocnserving habitat for fish & wildlife

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In Alaska, we partner with private landowners, the State of Alaska, non-profits, tribal entities, universities, other federal agencies, and others to maintain and/or restore important habitats for native fish and wildlife via four programs: Fish Passage Program, Coastal Program, Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program, and the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP). We pay up to 50% of project costs and local Service biologists provide informal advice on the design and location of potential projects and capacity for on-the-ground project implementation and monitoring.

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Alaska-specific factsheets (pdf)
Habitat Conservation Partnership Programs at glance
Fish Passage Program
Coastal Program
Partners for Fish and Wildlife
NFHP at work in Alaska

Field Notes
Employee Reels in National Recognition for Improving Fish Passage and Increasing Community Resilience to Flood Events (Jan 2014)
Making Big Strides for Fish Passage in Alaska (September 2013)
Connecting urban Anchorage youth to salmon fisheries
(August 2013)
Just say "YEP" to Teens Restoring Streambanks in Anchorage, Alaska (June 2013)
Fish and Flood-Friendly Culverts: Spotlight on Tyonek, Alaska (June 2013)
Schoolyard Habitat in Anchorage Sparks Interest in Migratory Birds (June 2013)
Southeast Alaska Biologists Recognized for Improving Habitat in Public Spaces (May 2013)
Alaska Fish Friendly Culverts Hold Tight Through 100-Year Flood (Dec 2012)
State reels in Funds for Two Habitat Protection Projects (Jan 2012)

Attention Teachers/Parents
Alaska Fish ABC Coloring Book (email for hardcopies)

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (Habitat Restoration)
American Fisheries Society Alaska Chapter

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State-Fish Art Contest (deadline March 31st)


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