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Incidental Take Regulations and Letters of Authorization Issued for Oil and Gas Exploration in the Chukchi Sea

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service is providing public access to these petitions, applications and authorizations in an effort to make the process more transparent. The Service is not soliciting public comments on authorizations at this time. The Service does, however, welcome any information, suggestions or positive insights relevant to the program that interested persons may provide at any time. Please provide any information, suggestions or insights to the following email address

Final Incidental Take Regulations for Polar Bears and Pacific Walrus for the Chukchi Sea issued June 12, 2013.

Chukchi Sea Letters of Authorization



Shell Offshore, Inc.

13-CS-01 (pdf)

Shell Offshore, Inc. 13-CS-02 (pdf)
Shell Offshore, Inc. 13-CS-02 Variance (pdf)
TGS 13-CS-03 (pdf)
TGS 13-CS-03 (pdf)
Olgoonik Fairweather, LLC 13-CS-04

2014 Chukchi Sea



Olgoonik Fairweather, LLC

14-CS-01 (pdf)

2015 Chukchi Sea



Shell Exploration and Production Co.

15-CS-01 (pdf)

Shell Exploration and Production Co 15-CS-01 Amend (pdf)
Shell Gulf of Mexico, Inc 15-CS-02 (pdf)

Selected Chukchi Sea LOA Applications

Shell Exploration and Production Company


Hanna Shoal Walrus Use Area

The Hanna Shoal region is recognized as a critical foraging area for Pacific walruses from summer through fall. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may incorporate protective measures for walruses into authorizations issued for activities within this region.

The Hanna Shoal Walrus Use Area (HSWUA) is defined as the combined 50% foraging and occupancy utilization distributions from June through September as described in Jay et al. (2012).

ArcGIS shapefiles available for download:

50% Utilization Distribution: HSWUA Monthly 50 

Hanna Shoal outer boundary

Last updated: September 2015