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Incidental Take Regulations and Letters of Authorization Issued for Oil and Gas Exploration in the Beaufort Sea

On August 5, 2016, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) published a Federal Register notice implementing Incidental Take Regulations (ITRs) for the non-lethal, incidental take of small numbers of polar bears and Pacific walruses associated with ongoing oil and gas activities in the Beaufort Sea and neighboring coast. The Service did this in response to a request from the oil and gas industry (Industry), through the Alaska Oil and Gas Association. Industry requested new regulations to replace similar Southern Beaufort Sea Regulations that expired on August 3, 2016.  The new ITRs and the associated National Environmental Policy (NEPA) Act Environmental Assessment (EA) and finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) were finalized after considerations of comments received from the public.

You can view this rule, and supporting documents, below, or at under Docket No. FWS–R7–ES–2016–0060.

Alaska Oil and Gas Association Petition for New Regulations

Beaufort Sea ITR Petitions

Alaska Oil and Gas Association Petition for ITR_AOGA 2005 (pdf)
ITR_Addendum_AOGA (pdf)
Beaufort Sea ITR Petitions 2009(7.5mb-pdf)
Beaufort Sea ITR Peition 2015 (pdf)


2013 Beaufort Sea



Conoco Phillips Alaska, Inc. 13-01 (pdf)
Shell Offshore, Inc. 13-02 (pdf)
Brooks Range Petroleum Corporation 13-03 (pdf)
CGGVeritas 13-04 (pdf)
Repsol E&P USA, Inc 13-05 (pdf)
Great Bear Petroleum Operating, LLC 13-06 (pdf)
BP Exploration 13-07 (pdf)
Olgoonik Specialty Contractors, LLC  13-08 (pdf)
Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Inc. 13-09 (pfd)
Olgoonik Fairweather, LLC 13-10 (pfd)
SAExploration, LLC 13-11 (pdf)
BP Exploration 13-12 (pdf)
Olgoonik Fairweather, LLC 13-13 (pdf)
Eni US Operating Co., Inc. 13-14 (pdf)
Conoco Phillips Alaska, Inc. 13-15 (pdf)
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company 13-16 (pdf)
Repsol E&P USA, Inc 13-17 (pdf)
SAExploration, LLC 13-18 (pdf)
Conoco Phillips Alaska, Inc. 13-19 (pdf)
ExxonMobil Production Company 13-20 (pdf)
Conoco Phillips Alaska, Inc. 13-21 (pdf)
CGG Land US, Inc.  13-22 (pdf)

2014 Beaufort Sea



Global Geophysical Services Inc. 14-01 (pdf)
SAExploration, Inc 14-02 (pdf)
Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority 14-03 & amend (pdf)
Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Inc. 14-04 (pdf)
Brooks Range Petroleum Corporation 14-05 (pdf) Not issued
Olgoonik Specialty Contractors, LLC 14-06 (pdf)
Alaska Gasline Development Corporation 14-07 (pdf)
Exxon Mobil Development Company 14-08 (pdf)
Olgoonik Fairweather, LLC 14-09 (pfd)
BP Exploration 14-10 (pfd)
ExxonMobil Alaska LNG LLC 14-11 (pdf)
SAExploration, Inc. 14-12 (pdf)
Hilcorp Alaska, LLC 14-13 (pdf)
Royale Energy, Inc. 14-14 (pdf) Not issued
NordAq Energy Inc. 14-15 (pdf)
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. 14-16, 17, 18 & 19 (pdf)
SAExploration, Inc. 14-20 (pdf)
ExxonMobil Alaska LNG LLC 14-21 (pdf)

2015 Beaufort Sea



Shell Exploration and Production 15-01 (pdf)
Brooks Range Petroleum Corporation 15-02 (pdf)
Global Geophysical Services, Inc. 15-03 (pdf)
Geokinetics 15-04 (pdf)
Repsol E&P USA Inc. 15-05 (pdf)
BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. 15-06 (pdf)
ExxonMobil Development Company 15-07 (pdf)
Hilcorp Alaska, LLC 15-08 (pdf)
Caelus Natural Resources Alaska, LLC 15-09 (pdf)
Olgoonik Specialty Contractors, LLC 15-10 (pdf)
SAExploration, LLC 15-11 (pdf) Not issued
North Slope Borough 15-12 (pdf)
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. 15-15 (pdf)
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation 15-16 (pdf)
Peak Oilfield Service Company 15-17 (pdf)
SAExploration, Inc. 15-18 (pdf)
Caelus Natural Resources Alaska, LLC 15-19 (pdf)
Geokinetics 15-20 (pdf)
Alaska Frontiers Constructors, Inc. 15-21 (pdf)

2016 Beaufort Sea

Caelus 16-01 (pdf)
Alaska LNG 16-02 (pdf)
SAE 16-03 (pdf)
Marsh Creek 16-04 (pdf)
ENI 16-05 (pdf)
Exxon 16-06 (pdf)
Olgoonik Construction Services 16-07 (pdf) (withdrawn)
CPAI 16-08 (pdf)
Caelus 16-09 (pdf)
Fairweather 16-10 (pdf)
Caelus 16-11 (pdf)
Caelus 16-12 (pdf)
CPAI 16-13 (pdf)
BPXA 16-14 (pdf)
Savant 16-15 (pdf)
Hilcrop 16-16 (pdf)
Exxon 16-17 (pdf)
Alaska LNG 16-18 (pdf)
Olgoonik Construction Services 16-19 (pdf)

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service is providing public access to these petitions, applications and authorizations in an effort to make the process more transparent. The Service is not soliciting public comments on authorizations at this time. The Service does, however, welcome any information, suggestions or positive insights relevant to the program that interested persons may provide at any time. Please provide any information, suggestions or insights to the following email address

Last updated: November 2016