Invasive Species
Alaska Region   


Species introduced on purpose or accidentally from other places can invade Alaska and harm the economy, environment, and even human health. Once these invaders arrive, it can be extremely difficult to control them without also hurting native species. The sooner you find them, the better chance there is to control them. That is why we keep a sharp eye out for new invaders and work with the State and other partners to prevent invasions.

Photo of submersed acquatic plants. Photo Credit: USFWS

Submersed aquatic plants in the genus Elodea are not native to Alaska. Elodea survives freezing, and can spready by tiny fragments. These traits make it extremely invasive. Elodea has already been confirmed in and around Anchorage, Fairbanks, Cordova, and most recently, on the Kenai Peninsula in Stormy Lake. It's a popular aquarium plant in Alaska and can spread if released: waders, boats, trailers, floatplanes, and equipment can spread it further. Elodea will cause serious,irreversible harm to fish and aquatic habitats in Alaska if allowed to spread unchecked.

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