Juneau Fish & Wildlife Field Office
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Assessment & Monitoring

Raptor Management

Photo of Steve Lewis holding a falcon.Juneau is home office to Migratory Bird Management’s Alaska-wide Raptor Management Program. The staff of the Raptor Management Program address raptor issues statewide. Thirty species of raptors occur in Alaska; twenty-one of these breed in the state. The raptor program conducts surveys, assessments, studies and provides technical assistance to managers of priority species such as the Arctic peregrine falcon, the Queen Charlotte goshawk, bald and golden eagles, gyrfalcons, and a variety of owls.

Contact Information:
Steve Lewis
Raptor Specialist
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Migratory Bird Management
3000 Vintage Blvd. Suite 240
Juneau, Alaska 99801

Phone: 907/780-1163
Fax: 907/586-7099


Last updated: October 22, 2012