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Fairbanks Fish & Wildlife Field Office
Public Outreach and Education-Fairbanks Youth for Habitat

Fairbanks Youth for Habitat is a program for area students ages 13 to 14. This program gives local youth a wide variety of outdoor experiences and education. Participants gain a greater understanding of the habitat needs of local wildlife and gain skills to evaluate how humans impact the environment in our area. The programs main themes are aquatic and terrestrial habitats; invasive species; and habitat restoration. The program is held each summer. The Youth for Habitat projects vary each year . Some of the projects that students work on include:

  • Rain garden design, planning and installation
  • Schoolyard Habitats
  • Stream bank restoration
  • Juvenile fish and insect surveys
  • Trail building and brush clearing
  • Counting salmon from a counting tower
  • Salmon carcass surveys
  • Owl nest box surveys
  • Aquatic habitat assessments
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Building and installing swallow nesting boxes
  • Clean-up of Chena Slough
  • Surveys for and removal of invasive plants such as Elodea , white sweet clover, and European Bird Cherry

Are you Interested? The application period opens in early spring each year. Contact Willy Wilkens by e:mail to receive an application.

Last updated: February 2016