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Anchorage Fish & Wildlife Field Office - Fisheries Program

The Alaska Fisheries Program operates out of three Fish and Wildlife Field Offices. The King Salmon Fish and Wildlife Field Office was relocated to Anchorage in 2007. The mission of the Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Field Office (AFWFO) Fisheries Program is to provide capacity in support of fish population and habitat assessment, conservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement in southwest and southcentral Alaska. Current areas of emphasis include:

Fish Population and Habitat Assessments
The AFWFO Fisheries Program provides technical expertise and support for six Alaska National Wildlife Refuges: Togiak, Alaska Peninsula, Becherof, Izembeck, Kodiak, and Alaska Maritime. We assist with the development of management plans for fisheries resources and assess priority fish populations and their habitat on these lands and in other priority areas.

Subsistence Fisheries Management
The Federal government manages subsistence resources (including fisheries) on Federal lands and waters in Alaska to ensure that subsistence fisheries under Federal jurisdiction are managed to meet subsistence needs of rural residents. The AFWFO Fisheries Program provides in-season management of subsistence fisheries on Federal waters in Bristol Bay, Chignik, Alaska Peninsula, and the Aleutian Islands, and assesses the fish populations that support these fisheries. Learn more about the Federal Subsistence Management Program.

National Fish Habitat Action Partnerships (NFHP)
The AFWFO Fisheries Program provides support to Fish Habitat Partnerships that have been established under NFHP in Southcentral and Southwest Alaska.

For example, the AFWFO Fisheries Program assisted in the development of the Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat Partnership’s strategic plan and continues to conduct fish population and habitat assessments that help identify and prioritize key habitats for basin-wide conservation strategies. Learn more about the Mat-Su Basin Habitat Partnership.

The AFWFO Fisheries Program is an active participant in development the Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership’s strategic plan and participates in assessments of fish distribution and habitat connectivity in areas where development is being proposed. The Service was also a major sponsor/organizer of the 2011 Southwest Alaska Salmon Science Symposium “Understanding Salmon Habitat and the Science and Sustainability.” Learn more about the Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership.

Check out our regional NFHP page to learn more about Alaska-based Fish Habitat Partnerships at work in Alaska


Jon Gerken, Branch Chief
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Phone: (907) 271-2776
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Last updated: January 2016