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Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) directs all Federal agencies to use their existing authorities to conserve threatened and endangered species and, in consultation with the Service, to ensure that their actions do not jeopardize listed species or destroy or adversely modify critical habitat. For a description of the Section 7 process, click here, and you can find a current list of threatened and endangered species in Alaska here. To view past Biological Opinions issued by the Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Field Office, please click here. For more information on section 7 consultation, please visit our National webpage.


Request a Species List

The method for obtaining a species list has changed. You will now be able to get a species list through our new system called IPaC. IPaC - Information, Planning, and Conservation System.

For a species list of Federally listed Threatened and Endangered species and Critical Habitat, please use the Fish & Wildlife Services IPaC website. Through IPaC, you can get preliminary and official USFWS species list/s. Simply type into your web browser, go to Initial Project Scoping, and follow three easy steps to get your official species list.

What is IPaC?

IPaC stands for: Information, Planning, and Conservation. It is a new conservation planning tool for streamlining the environmental review process. The system provides you - our partners - with the ability to explore the landscape and helps you to site your projects in a way that minimizes conflicts with natural resources.

With IPaC's landscape explorer tool, you can view designated critical habitat, wetlands, GAP land cover, and other nature resource map layers.

Learn more on the FAQ web page (


Endangered species distribution map.

Click on the map for an expanded view (this may take up to 2 minutes to load)

This endangered species distribution map includes some information for yellow-billed loons and pacific walrus – both candidate species. The map does not include distribution information for polar bear. Please contact Ted Swem at the Fairbanks Fish and Wildlife Field Office (907) 456-0441 for information on polar bear or for other species occurring in that field office area.

Please call our office with any questions, 907-271-2768, or email

Last updated: September 2015