Juneau Fish & Wildlife Field Office
Alaska Region

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Neil Stichert
Habitat Restoration and Coastal Program Biologist
Phone: 907-780-1180

Juneau Fish & Wildlife Field Office
3000 Vintage Blvd. Suite 201
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Phone: 907-780-1160
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Southeast Alaska Habitat Restoration & Coastal Conservation Programs

Welcome to the Juneau Fish and Wildlife Field Office Habitat and Restoration Page

The Juneau Fish & Wildlife Field Office extends the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, Fish Passage Program, and Southeast Alaska Coastal Program to Southeast Alaska partners. We work with a broad suite of partners to accomplish our mission by providing financial support and technical assistance through our programs and by collaborating with other agencies.

Please select one of our programs below to learn more about what we do.

Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program

Mission: To conserve, enhance, and restore fish, wildlife, plants and their habitat by providing technical and financial support to private and non-federal partners.

Created wetland in Juneau, Alaska.  Photo Credit:  Neil Stichert/USFWS


Fish Passage Program

Mission: To restore native fish and other aquatic species by reconnecting habitat that has been fragmented by artificial barriers.

Photo of pink salmon.  Photo Credit: John Hudson/USFWS


Coastal Conservation Program

Mission: To protect, restore, and promote public stewardship of coastal ecosystems, through the development of innovative conservation partnerships.

Photo of gulls resting on rocky beach.  Photo Credit:  John Hudson/USFWS


Programs at a Glance (pdf)

Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership


Last updated: May 2017