Juneau Fish & Wildlife Field Office
Alaska Region


Questions & Answers

I have a bear in my yard. Who do I call?

Alaska Department of Fish & Game@ (907) 465-4190


I saw a tour boat too close to a whale. Who do I report it to?

NMFS Enforcement @ (907) 586-7221
There is an eagle nest on a lot I want to build on. What do I need to know?

Consult the Guidelines from Activities that May Disturb Nesting Bald Eagles:

Where do I get fishing and hunting licenses?

Alaska Department of Fish & Game or at vendors around town

I would like to rent a cabin in the area. Who do I call?

Forest Service Cabins

State Cabins

I've found a dead eagle. Who should I call?

US Fish & Wildlife Service @ (907) 780-1171


Last updated: September 29, 2008