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Why you and your children need to get outdoors!

Children, youth, and families are increasingly disconnected from the natural world.  Urban, suburban, and rural youth in many nations are being effected and this trend has serious implications worldwide for the conservation field, sustainability, the future of natural resources, and the health of the earth itself.
There are good reasons to share outdoor family experiences;Happy paddlers in a canoe.  Photo Credit: USFWS
1. Build family bonds,
2. Stay more active and healthier,
3. Learn about the natural world together,
4. It’s free, and
5. It’s fun!

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Outdoor Ideas

One way to get outdoors is to visit Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges.  For more ideas, including events and activities around the state, visit these web sites:
Let’s Go Outside!
Get Outdoors Alaska
Nature Rocks
Children and Nature Network



Last updated: March 7, 2014

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