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Arctic Youth Ambassador Program Elevates Alaska's Next Generation of Leaders

The Arctic Youth Ambassador program, a collaboration between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and nonprofit partner Alaska Geographic, is a training and leadership development program for young Alaskans. Initiated to coincide with the U.S. position as chair of the Arctic Council from 2015–2017, the program was conceived as a way to develop the next generation of leaders and raise awareness of life in Alaska’s Arctic region.  Read more


Refuge Manager of the Year

The Paul Kroegel Refuge Manger of the Year Award is an honor bestowed to an individual who exeplifies leadership and integrity when promoting the Service's mission within and beyond Refuge boundaries. Kenai's Andy Loranger has been named the "Refuge Manager of the Year" by the National Wildlife Refuge Association!  He is a visionary, an innovator, and a trusted advisor for fellow conservation partners, community leaders, Alaska Natives, and his staff when it comes to conserving Alaska’s critically important landscape.

"Welcome to Alaska"

Nestled within the Tanana River Valley, the abundant wetlands and forests of the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge welcome thousands of birds and people crossing the border into Alaska each year. The Refuge Visitor Center is often the first place visitors to Alaska encounter when driving into the state. Two of the first people to welcome them are Cora Demit and Sylvia Pitka, Refuge employees and residents of the nearby village of Northway.