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Photo of a local harvesting eggs.  Link to interviews with Alaska Native Elders.  Photo Credit: USFWS



Climate Change Lecture Series


#18 "Monitoring and Managing Amphibian Communities in Response to Climate Change"
September 8, 2011

Speaker: Elise Zipkin, Quantitative Ecologist, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

#17 "Climate Change and Contaminants: New Challenges for Alaska"
March 31, 2011

Speaker: Philip Johnson, Alaska Region Environmental Contaminants Coordinator

#16 "Sea ice conditions in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas: past, present, and future"
February 17, 2011

Speaker: David Douglas, US Geological Survey, Research Wildlife Biologist

#15 "Secret Inner Workings of the Arctic LCC Revealed"
January 13, 2011

Speaker: Greg Balogh, Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Coordinator


#14 "Climate Change on the Kenai Peninsula"
November 30, 2010

Speaker: Ed Berg, PhD Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

#13 "Green Architecture"
May 25, 2010

Speaker: Lauri Strauss, kpb Artitects

#12 "Climate Change: An Overview of Trends, Projections, and Potential Ecosystem Impacts in the United States"
April 20, 2010

Speaker: Virginia Burkett, PhD, Chief Scientist for Global Change Research, USGS

#11 "Using Landscape Genetics to Support Climate Change Adaptation",
March 16, 2010

Speaker: Jeffrey Olsen, PhD, USFWS Conservation Genetics Laboratory

#10 "Facilitating Adaptation to Climate Change and Other Stressors: Some Options for the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge", February 16, 2010

Speaker: Dr. John Morton, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

#9 "Changes in Alaska's Environmental Drivers: Realities and Uncertainties, January 19, 2010

Speaker: John Walsh, International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks


#8 "Wildlife Response to Environmental Arctic Change, December 9, 2009

Speaker: Philip Martin, Fish & Wildlife Biologist, Fairbanks Fish & Wildlife Field Office

#7 "Predicting Invasive Plant Species Range Expansion in Alaska" November 17, 2009

Speaker: Elizabeth Bella PhD, Ecologist, NRCS, Homer

#6 "Modeling Sea-level Rise Impacts on Cook Inlet Coastal Habitats"
October 13, 2009

Speaker: Jonathan Clough, Warren Pinnacle Consulting

#5 Conservation and Management of Polar Bear and Walrus in a Warming Climate, September 16, 2009

Speaker: Joel Garlich-Miller, Wildlife Biologist, Marine Mammal Management, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (Alaska)

#4 Managing the National Wildlife Refuge System with Climate Change: The Interaction of Policy, Perceptions and Ecological Knowledge, May 27, 2009

Speaker: Dawn Magness, SCEP PhD Student, UAF

#3 Connecting Landscapes into the Future: A Regional Strategic Habitat Conservation Climate Change Project, April 22, 2009

Speaker: Karen Murphy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (R7) Regional Fire Ecologist, Division of Refuges

#2 Applying Climate Change Science in Alaska, March 12, 2009

Speaker: Wendy Loya, PhD, Wilderness Society Introduction to climate Ecologist change models for Alaska and examples of how they are being used by the Service to address climate change.

#1 Shaping your Future, February 18, 2009

Speakers: Geoff Haskett, LaVerne Smith, and Charla Sterne--facilitated by Andrea Medeiros
    Learn how the Alaska Region fits into the National Strategy and how you fit into the Alaska     Region's efforts to address climate change.

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