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General Overview

This is an informative summary of the 2014 Alaska subsistence spring/summer migratory bird harvest regulations contained in 50 CFR Part 92, simplified for your convenience. There may be errors or omissions that have not been identified and changes that occur after printing. This booklet is intended as an informational guide only. To be certain of current regulations, refer to the official Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register publications.

These regulations will become effective April 2, 2014, by publication of the Final Rule in the Federal Register. These regulations apply to the spring and summer subsistence harvest of migratory birds in Alaska, valid April 2 until August 31, 2014. Migratory bird hunting from September 1, 2014 through March 10, 2015 is managed under separate Federal regulations in 50 CFR Part 20 and State regulations in 5AAC. The Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Management Council (Council) will review and recommend needed modifications of these harvest regulations on an annual basis, working within the schedule of the Federal late season migratory bird hunting regulations process.

Legislative History

As early as 1916, Migratory Bird Treaties with Canada and Mexico failed to recognize Alaska’s traditional spring/summer subsistence harvest. After years of negotiations, the treaties were amended in 1997 to recognize this customary and traditional harvest. The amendment set the stage for the creation of the Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Management Council and the 2003 harvest regulations. The Council, which includes representatives from the Alaska Native community, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acting as equal partners, was formed with the specific purpose of developing “recommendations related to the spring/summer subsistence harvest of migratory birds.” Eleven regional management bodies were created to provide crucial local input to the Council in developing the bird harvest list, regional season dates, methods and means and other annual regulatory recommendations.