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Kodiak Archipelago Region

The closed area consists of all lands
and water (including exposed tide
lands) east of a line extending from
Crag Point in the north to the west
end of Saltery Cove in the south
and all lands and water south of a
line extending from Termination
Point along the north side of Cascade
Lake extending to Anton Larson Bay.
Marine waters adjacent to the closed
area are closed to harvest within 500
ft from the water’s edge. The offshore
islands are open to harvest, for example

Woody, Long and Gull islands.

April 2- June 30
and July 31 - Aug 31 for seabirds
April 2- June 20 and July 22 - Aug 31 for all other birds

Closure: July 1 - July 30 for seabirds
June 21 - July 21
for all other birds

Map of Kodiak Closed Area