Abernathy Fish Technology Center
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Applied Research Program in Conservation Genetics

Capability/Technical Service - Rapid response genetic identification of fish for broodstock selection and passage beyond migration barriers.

Some fishery management decisions require information on the stock of origin of individuals to be provided within hours of the samples being taken from those individuals. One common example is deciding which individuals out of a group of captured fish to use for broodstock. Another example is deciding whether a fish captured at a man-made barrier belongs to the population above the barrier or the population below the barrier. Rapid response genetic assignment requires dedication of laboratory personnel to work around the clock and requires allocation of personal and equipment in anticipation of samples that may arrive on an unpredictable scale. While these requirements make "rapid response" genetic assignments more expensive than standard genetic analyses, there are many applications where having access to information quickly allows conservation of the natural population structure and thus conservation of the species' genetic resources. 


Last updated: March 15, 2017
Abernathy Fish Technology Center
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