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Applied Research Program in Conservation Genetics

Capability/Technical Service - Standardization of genetic markers and tissue banking/sample archiving.

Standardization of genetic markers.
Federal and State governments as well as tribal organizations, and universities commonly use genetic data to improve our understanding of genetic diversity in fish populations. Use of non-standardized genetic methods and markers make results obtained by one group difficult or impossible for other groups to use or validate. In the past this lead to redundant work by several laboratories. Personnel in the Applied Program in Conservation Genetics have provided leadership and continued support for coastwide standardization of genetic markers in Chinook salmon and steelhead salmon. In species for which standardized markers are not yet available, we take measures to adopt markers and methods that render data generated by AFTC comparable with those generated in other laboratories.

Tissue banking/sample archiving.
We archive tissue samples and extracted DNA for samples in the Pacific Region. This repository allows any results generated by our laboratory to be examined further or validated in the future. It also allows archiving of samples that are collected opportunistically in cases where no funding presently exists for anallysis of those samples. Archived samples are made available to other tribal, agency and university laboratories on request, under the conditions that they are returned following analysis and that results of analyses of the samples are made available.


Last updated: March 15, 2017
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