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Ben Kennedy - Fish Ecologist

Staff - Ben Kennedy

Ben serves as the primary lead for field activities coordinated by Abernathy FTC. His primary responsibilities are associated with a large-scale multidisciplinary project examining the natural reproductive success and demographic effects of hatchery-origin steelhead in a lower Columbia River tributary. His duties include coordinating field activites such as electrofishing, sample collection and PIT tagging. Additionally, he performs statistical analyses of data related to growth, migration, behavior, life history, survival and abundance.

  • Professional Background

    M.S. 2005. Ecology. Utah State University, Logan, UT.

    B.S. 2000. Fishery Biology. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.
  • Selected Publications

    Zydlewski, J., G. Zydlewski, B. Kennedy, and W. Gale. 2014. Smolting in coastal cutthroat trout Onchorhynchus clarkii clarkii. Journal of Fish Biology 85(4): 1111-1130.

    Bingham, D.M., B.M. Kennedy, K.C. Hanson, and C.T. Smith. 2014. Loss of integrity in hatchery steelhead produced by juvenile-based broodstock and wild integration: conflicts in production and conservation goals. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 34:609-620.

    Kennedy, B.M., W.L. Gale, and K.G. Ostrand. 2007. Relationship between smolt gill Na+, K+ ATPase activity and migration timing to avian predation risk of steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in a large estuary. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 64(11):1506-1516.

    Kennedy, B.M., J. Baumsteiger, W. L. Gale, W.R. Ardren, and K.G. Ostrand. Morphological, physiological, and genetic techniques for improving field identification of steelhead, coastal cutthroat trout, and hybrid smolts. Marine and Coastal Fisheries Dynomics Management and Ecosystem Science 1:45-56.

    For a full list of publications, click here.

Last Updated: August 05, 2020
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