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Welcome to Laboratory Ring Trials

The FWS Fish Health Centers have conducted inter-laboratory comparative testing or ring trials, for the Renibacterium salmoninarum assay. Several FWS, state, tribal and university laboratories have participated in ELISA ring trials (1992,1996 and 2003) to ensure regional laboratories were using standardized reagents and producing similar test results for his significant pathogen of salmonid fish species.

Recently, under the FWS-AAHP QI program, each Fish Health Center has undergone a comprehensive Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) review to ensure each laboratory is fully compliant with the Quality Assurance/Quality Control program described in the USFWS-Handbook. The next goal of the FWS Quality Improvement program is to conduct periodic ring testing.

The Fish Health Centers completed Bacteriological Ring Testing in January 2008, see the full report of our Fish Health Centers' test results.

In 2005, the FWS-AAHP will initiate laboratory ring trials of the nine Fish Health Centers conducting fish health inspections and wild fish surveys to demonstrate laboratory standardization and accuracy in pathogen detection methods. All Centers will participate in viral and bacterial testing to ensure fish health inspection procedures and work conducted under the National Wild Fish Health Survey continue to meet high standard in pathogen detection and identification.

In the near future, the FWS-AAHP plans to conduct External Quality Assurance (EQA) reviews of all nine Fish Health Centers by a team of fish health scientists gathered from the American Fisheries Society-Fish Health Section, the USGS-Western Fisheries Research Center, and professionals from regional universities.

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